Need More Info?

What are "cremains"?

Cremains is another fancy word for “ashes”, in other words….what you get back when you send a pet for cremation. Usually these are returned in an urn or velvet bag, with an inner plastic bag to keep the ashes safe. The bag is designed to be opened so that you can choose to scatter or bury some, or all, of the ashes.

How much do I need to send to Whispering Willow?

This depends on the keepsake design you choose, but in 99% of cases it will be less than a teaspoon.

Will you take good care of my pet's ashes?

Absolutely!! We guarantee that we will look after your pet’s ashes and any other special items, just as if they were our own pets. This would be so important to us so we make sure your pets are treated just as we would insist ours would be.

How long does it take to make my keepsake?

We will endeavour to have your beautiful keepsake to you within 21 days of receiving your pet’s ashes and/or other items. This may vary depending on availability of settings, and sometimes the curing time for your keepsake. We will only send your keepsake to you when we are 100% satisfied that it is ready and exactly what you ordered. We will advise you if there are any delays that would affect the delivery schedule.

How do I get the ashes or other items to Whispering Willow?

We suggest that you use an airtight plastic bag to place the small amount of ashes that we will need. You can then enclose this securely inside a larger envelope and post to us using any method you like. We use Sendle as our postage contractor to return your keepsakes to you as they provide a free online real-time tracking system that you can follow so that you know exactly where your keepsake is at any time.

How much is postage for my finished keepsake?

Zero, zilch, nad, nothing!!! Whispering Willow takes care of the postage and packaging of your finished keepsakes, anywhere within Australia. We can also offer great prices on international orders…just ask us.

Do you offer any discounts?

We sure do! Please check our Ordering page for indicative prices as this will give you a good idea of the kinds of reduced prices we do for multiple item orders like sets of earrings + bracelet + pendant along with others.

Why are there only "indicative prices" on your website?

Because every single keepsake we make is custom made and designed by hand so that it is absolutely as unique as your pets. Your requirements such as the setting, metal and inclusions may affect the cost but we guarantee it won’t be by much 🙂

Can I be sure that my keepsakes contain my pet only?

We offer a rock solid promise that your pet’s keepsake will be the only one we work on at any given time. We take great pride in knowing that the way we look after your pet’s remains is just the way we would expect our own pets to be taken care of.

How and when do I pay for my keepsake?

We’ll talk to you by email or phone (your choice) and continue to do so until your are 100% certain that you’re happy with your order. We will then send you an invoice with details of the cost, instructions for how to pay, and instructions for mailing the ashes to us. If you’re happy, go ahead and pay and send us the remains and we’ll get started immediately.

Exactly how does the ordering process work?

Easy peasy….you contact us, we talk lots until you’re absolutely certain of what you would like, you send us the inclusions for your keepsake/s and we create your beautiful mementos and ship them to you ASAP.

I have something in mind but can't see anything like it on your website

Brilliant…we LOVE different!! Just talk to us and between us we’ll come up with the perfect keepsake for you.

I have more than one pet's ashes, can I have them all in one keepsake?

Yes!! And we love this idea of your pets all being together, keeping each other company.

I have more than one pet's ashes, can I have different colours for different pets?

Too right! Our bracelets are perfect for this, for example. You can choose to have a different colour/texture in each setting for each pet. And don’t forget to watch out for our signature keepsake….the Whispering Willow Tree which has been designed by us for just this purpose…its coming really, really soon!!

Do you have something that I can add to over time as my pets pass on?

Our Whispering Willow Tree has been designed for this, it will be here very, very soon. We also have various pendants and bracelets that can have additional keepsakes added to as you need. Please get in touch with us for more information.